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The development of the individual as a whole being is attained through the enrichment of the social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of his/her nature.

Our Approach

Preschool girl using sidewalk chalk on the ground at Play & Learn Christian Child Care in Columbus, OH

Christian, Individual Development

Our philosophy comes from the Christian commitment of Gethsemane Lutheran Church which encourages the celebration of life through love, respect, caring, and sharing. Thus, the staff at Play & Learn works daily to promote the development of a healthy, inquisitive, and self-confident child that is prepared for the social and mental requirements of education and is nurtured in a warm, supportive, and secure environment in which love for Jesus Christ and for others is taught and shared.

We believe children are unique individuals who grow and develop at their own pace with their own strengths, needs, and interests. The Center offers a variety of learning opportunities generated from these needs and interests. Many choices are provided within a carefully arranged structure. Learning through play and actual experiences is a cornerstone of the program.


Preschool boy playing with toy animals at Play & Learn Christian Child Care in Columbus, OH
  • To aid and support parents/guardians in the task of raising their children

  • To provide children with loving care in a safe, healthy, cheerful, and stimulating environment

  • To help children develop a positive self-image by encouraging individual initiative, creativity, self-control, mutual respect, and a sense of responsibility toward others

  • To provide children with an excellent educational experience based upon individual and group activities, self-paced learning centers, and skill development in coordination, conceptualization, verbalization, and reading and math readiness

  • To address the children’s individual needs and concerns as they become evident

  • To provide children with a religious foundation based upon the discovery and application of God’s love for people in Jesus Christ

  • To provide age appropriate and developmental activities that encourage each child to become involved with the learning process for children

  • To foster growth in the area of self-help skills and the decision-making process

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